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Tourist Itineraries

Liguria is a fascinating land that has conquered writers, artists and poets: a region full of traditions, history and culture, unforgettable views, mountains that plunge into the sea, seaside villages and medieval towns perched on the hills.

We offer a variety of routes through which you can learn and admire about the exquisite beauty of our land:

1. Noli – Le Manie – Finale Ligure – Varigotti – Noli (Km. 24,5 – 41 min)
Le Manie, the "Grotta dell'Arma", the historic vineyards "senza filo", The old taverns.
In the hinterland between Noli and Finale Ligure develops an area full of interesting sites in terms of environmental and historical anthropology. Here you can visit the "Grotta dell'Arma e dell'Annunziata" refuge of the ancient Ligurian populations. The plateau "Le Manie" is an extraordinary land for long walks and biking.

2. Noli – Borgio Verezzi – Tovo San Giacomo – Calice Ligure – Finalborgo – Noli (Km. 39 – 1 h 10 min)
The terraces overlooking the sea and the caves to visit.
Terraces overlooking the sea, born from man's effort to shape the agricultural landscape and caves characterize the territory of Borgio Verezzi.. Visit the medieval village of Finalborgo (Borghi piu belli d’Italia).

3. Noli – Toirano – Balestrino - Castelvecchio R.B. – Erli – Zuccarello – Noli (Km 98 – 1 h 53 min)
The crossing internal, large olive groves bands, the "borgate storiche", the lands of "Marchesato di Zuccarello", lNapoleonic memories
The hinterland of Albenga is rich in castles and fortified villages to control the important communication route between the coast and inland.

4. Noli - Albenga - Ortovero - Ranzo - Borghetto d'Arroscia - Vessallico - Rezzo - Pieve di Teco (km 60 – 1 h 5 m.) (with return to Noli: KM. 120 – 2 h 10 min)
The fund Arroscia valley at the foot of the "Marittime" Alps
Ancient agricultural settlement of the valley of the Arroscia, Ortovero is characterized by the cultivation of roses, peach and wine production "Pigato" and "Rossese".

5. Noli – Savona – Noli (Km. 35,00 – 50’)
Visit to the fortress on the "rocca del Priamar" and the Archaeological Museum of the city of Savona.